Delivering commercial value
through innovation in
cleantech sectors

What's SmartClean?

SmartClean® innovation is an holistic approach that offers a significant opportunity for value creation and access to new growth markets.

The opportunity to innovate occurs across all industries and all parts of the value chain, with the potential for significant benefits across multiple business activities - customer experience, processes, supply chain, and more. SmartClean innovation provides the framework for intelligent growth within an increasingly resource-constrained environment.

However, many organisations struggle to identify innovation opportunities and to define and capture their potential value. At the same time, new product developers often fail to bring their solutions to market because they are unable to articulate an attractive value proposition that incorporates the commercial needs and behaviours of their target market.

This disconnect is enhanced in sectors that are traditionally conservative or lack incentives to innovate; are surrounded by a rapidly changing policy and regulatory environment; and/or inhabit a complex competitive landscape. 

Orion Innovations supports the realisation of SmartClean® innovation through:

  • the development of creative business propositions that are inherently aligned with end market needs;
  • support for the adoption of innovative ideas and products by end users;
  • the development of policies, strategies and plans that maximise the potential for innovation and growth.

We do this within a broad range of energy and environment sectors, but have specific depth of expertise in the following:

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