Delivering commercial value
through innovation in
cleantech sectors


Orion Innovations helps customers to realise commercial value from innovation

  Pre-Volve E-Volve Re-Volve
  Early concept development, evaluation and scoping. Planning and realising commercial value. Monitoring, evaluating and refining delivery.

Start up businesses, spin outs & SMEs.
From stress testing new ideas, developing robust market-driven business models, to business creation, evolution and transformation, Orion Innovations helps innovators to successfully realise commercial value from their inventions.

From pre-investment appraisals to new business creation, delivery and evaluation, Orion Innovations helps corporates to realise sustainable growth through SmartClean® innovation and market diversification.

Government bodies, NGOs & innovation agencies
From policy development to establishing, monitoring and refining innovation infrastructure, programmes and interventions, Orion Innovations helps government bodies, NGOs and innovation agencies to foster and accelerate innovation and growth.

Our Clients