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Tue, 07 Jul 2015

HYPER was a highly visible presence at the European Fuel Cell Forum Annual Conference and Exhibition, held in Lucerne, June 30th to July 3rd.

Alpha prototype

The project demonstrated two 100 W alpha prototype systems at the exhibition, used to power a 60 W outdoor balloon light (for events etc.) and a field battery charger. Fuel was provided by lightweight 300 bar composite H2 cylinders.

Fuel Cell Display

An animation of the Beta prototype which incorporates an ergonomic and user friendly design, together with all safety features and an integrated ‘cage’ for the hydrogen storage’ was displayed.

HYPER Beta prototype

During a small drinks ‘event’ to showcase project achievements, Noel Botha introduced the project within the context of the developing fuel cell market and in particular in the light of strongly growing interest in portable fuel cells for small scale applications, such as remote monitoring and outdoor temporary lighting. Renaut Mosdale demonstrated the system and discussed the development of the fuel cell itself. Duncan Gregory spoke about the extensive work done within the project on advanced solid state storage, and the recent highly promising results obtained with an ammonia borane-based composite. Finally Alexander Ohnesorge explained the interest that our corporate partner Airbus has in developing fuel cell systems at a range of scales, and the significant learnings that have been provided by the project.

The prototypes attracted an excellent level of interest over the three days of the exhibition.

HYPER also gave two oral presentations at the formal conference:

This marks the final dissemination event of the project, but work will continue on system field testing, the Beta design and solid state storage until the end of August.

If anyone is interested in the potential for field testing a system, and/or would like to keep abreast of future developments, please contact Juliet Kauffmann (

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